Birth Supplies



  • MANA, online resource for midwives and listings
  • Homebirth Dads, a video with lots of the same questions and concerns many partners have when considering home birth. Dads are interviewed and give their perspective on the event.
  • My Midwife, online resource from the ACNM on nurse midwives and advocacy of this childbirth option
  • Bring Birth Home, an online resource for homebirth and safety information.
  • ACNM
  • Citizens for Midwifery
  • NARM


Birth Centers

  • AABC, resources and listings of U.S. based birth centers


Unassisted Birth


Doula Directory


Childbirth Education


Pregnancy and Birth Resources


Cesarean and VBAC information

  • Childbirth Connection – dedicated to providing evidence-based information and resources on pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period.
  • ICAN – international cesarean awareness network brings legal, medical, ethical, and practical information to consumers regarding cesarean rates and VBAC.
  • Cesarean In Awareness


Healing Mamas (mental/emotional help)


Poor Prenatal Diagnosis


Breastfeeding/Milk Sharing
Lactation Consultant Association (IBCLC)
La Leche League International
BF After Surgery – for women who have had breast surgery
Kelly Mom – online resource
First Right – online resource
Jack Newman – online resource – online resource
BF America – a support for American Breastfeeding Women
Milk Share
Human Milk Banking Association of North America
Breastmilk Counts – a resource for women choosing to breastfeeding
Breastmilk and Breastfeeding – a paper on the risks of formula feeding and benefits of breastmilk
MOBI Motherhood International – a community and resource for women who are grieving a failed breastfeeding or other breastfeeding issue.





Cloth Diapering and EC


Medical Information

  • Drug Watch – in-depth information on medications, their risks, side-effects, recalls, and other information.
  • Safe Fetus – a website dedicated to giving accurate information on medications and their interactions with pregnancy and breastfeeding.