Mid Hudson Valley, solutions await for your comfort, care, nourishing and nurturing <3

When you have you return home with your baby, The Sacred Health Doula is waiting at the ready to shower you in support.

While you transition, we come in and pave the way to babymoon bliss.

Services include by aren’t limited to:

Non-judgmental, compassionate support for the new mother and family

Meal planning, household planning, baby gear consultation and newborn care

Bengkung Belly Binding, traditional postpartum teas and soups, delicious desserts,
herbal remedies, and sesame oil rubdowns soothe your body.

Postpartum sealing ceremonies, recounting your Birth Story, family counseling and breastfeeding support nourish your mind and emotions.

All while you process your birth, greet and learn your newest family member and take time to assimilate into your new role as mother.

Perfect for daytime, overnight, evening, weekend – whatever you’d like!

Weekly Rates

Weekly Packages start at 20 hours.

We are happy to reduce our hourly rate for long-term contracts.

4 hr minimum daytime hours

8 hr minimum overnight hours

Discount for long-term contracts

1-4 weeks = $40/hr

5-8 weeks = $35/hr

9+ weeks = $30/hr

Whether it is your first time or seventh time

The Sacred Health Doula is at your service.